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EIFS pays special attention to declare the correct weight of the container to avoid problems during shipment/transport.

The VGM procedure, reserved exclusively for export sea shipments, is carried out carefully at our facility for all groupage containers.

The EIFS warehouse area includes TWO CERTIFIED WEIGHING SCALES, for weighing containers and designed to provide correct VGM DATA.  Our groupage containers are weighed on arrival and departure using these certified scales, and the resulting data is used as VGM.

The certified weight value, namely the VGM DATA, is communicated by our office staff to the shipping company and the terminal.    

For groupage containers we use VGM Method 1, which allows safer final VGM data.

For goods destined for places served in continuation from the main hubs, we provide VGM Method 2 data, which will be used for subsequent loading from the main hub to the end destination.

For FCL shipments, the certified weighing of the container unit is entrusted by EIFS to external accredited weighing stations, while the processing of the VGM data and the dispatching to competent bodies is handled by EIFS staff.

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