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Railroad transport has become more popular thanks to the China-Europe Rail Service.
EIFS provides its customers with transport services from different locations in China arriving at the main European rail hubs neighbouring Italy with dedicated forwarding to individual delivery locations.

Although relying on transport means, tools, and technologies that can be considered as obsolete, EIFS is currently looking at these new perspectives with a great deal of interest and aims to
develop its expertise in this area to offer an alternative to traditional modes of transportation.

At present, RAILROAD shipments are not available for all types of goods due to the various restrictions applied in the countries through which the trucks need to transit. EIFS is focusing special attention on this new service and our staff are available for all the required checks and controls for the dispatch of DANGEROUS GOODS, MEDICINE as well as FOOD & BEVERAGE.

For RAILROAD shipments, PICK UP, DELIVERY and STORAGE services are available at the individual hubs of departure. The additional WEIGHING and PACKAGING, as well as INSURANCE services will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Types of goods


LCL services by air and land for your individual transportation needs. With our Sailing List you can request a personalised quote for the goods you want to ship.


For large-volume shipments or that contain sizable items, EIFS offers the best rates and ensures efficient service through its network of shipping agents in Italian ports.

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