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EIFS offers a wide range of weekly sea LCL services for loads departing from its warehouse in Segrate to major overseas hubs.

We serve over 540 ports on a regular basis.

By direct service we mean that we load and close a container at our warehouse and dispatch it to the agreed destination, without transferring the goods to another container during its journey to destination.

For air cargo shipping, our Air Freight Department can provide services at any airport suitable for receiving goods. Departures are scheduled regularly and are guaranteed from the most efficient airports in Europe.

Shipments by land are carried out both in and out of Europe in compliance with all international regulations. Goods travelling by truck and train are guaranteed from the main Italian departing terminals.

In addition to our direct services, the number of which is constantly increasing – as you can see from our Sailing List – we offer many other services for shipping goods from unloading hubs. And since our job is to overcome geographical boundaries, we can also provide customised delivery to locations that are not in our list, as long as they are reachable.

We have the capacity to provide GROUPAGE shipping services for a variety of goods, such as IMDG, IMO and ADR DANGEROUS CARGO shipments, as well as non-perishable FOOD & BEVERAGE while applying all appropriate measures and attention.

We also provide FCL shipments, transport of special CONTROLLED TEMPERATURE items as well as MEDICAL and even ARTWORKS.

For each type of these items, we can offer the right shipment preparation and follow-up. Where necessary, we can also handle the PACKAGING operations.

Standard services include heat treatment (HT) on all cargo shipped to Australia and New Zealand.

We also take care of goods that are shipped to OCEANIA that are marked as exempted of HT.

The heat treatment of our GROUPAGE containers is carried out at our warehouse at the same time as the loading of the LCL container.

For FCL cargoes, we take care of the HT process at the ports of departure.

We provide a qualified VGM service for GROUPAGE containers.

Our office staff submit all VGM data regarding the groupage container to the shipping company and the terminal, after going through our CERTIFIED WEIGHING scales.

The container is weighed with our CERTIFIED WEIGHTING procedure at our warehouse where we carry out the loading. Therefore, the whole process is under our control.

We also support our customers with the right VGM service for FULL CONTAINER LOAD shipments. In these cases, if we cannot weigh containers at our warehouse, we rely on certified third-party scales or port of loading scales.

Export customs operations, whether for sea, air or land shipments, if not already carried out on departure by the exporter, are performed at our warehouse using our simplified customs procedure, hence optimising time and guaranteeing a pre-check of the documentation in order to minimise the need for extra controls by customs authorities.

Our staff will also provide adequate assistance for customs clearance including special requests and documentation requiring direct intervention at customs.

All services relating to GOODS PICK-UP on departure, and GOODS DELIVERY on arrival are carried out meticulously and efficiently. The result is that of a truly excellent and qualified DOOR-to-DOOR freight service.

The extensive network developed over the years by EIFS ensures the availability of accredited staff at all major arrival hubs. This guarantees fast unloading, emptying and release of the goods to consignees.

To ensure an ALL-IN-ONE service, EIFS offers PACKAGING services, CERTIFIED WEIGHTING of individual consignments, and INSURANCE coverage of goods using the most important internationally recognised insurance companies.

You can obtain further information on shipping and any related transport services from our staff. Do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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