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Chemical treatment and packaging

Thanks to its effective network of collaborators in Italy and worldwide, EIFS can provide its customers with a wide range of ancillary services for both IMPORT and EXPORT shipments.

One of our services is the CHEMICAL PACKAGING TREATMENT.

In particular, BMSB HEAT TREATMENT (HT) which is a mandatory requirement for shipments for Australia and New Zealand.

During the periods of the year indicated by the government of Australia and New Zealand, our GROUPAGE EXPORT containers destined for these countries undergo the mandatory HT immediately after loading directly at our warehouse and with the intervention of specialised external personnel.

EIFS also accepts shipments of goods destined for Australia and New Zealand defined as NO HT, which do not require any heat treatment.

These goods are isolated, unprocessed and handled with a different procedure.

As for the chemical treatment of goods, EIFS applies ISPM 15 PACKAGING standards and handles various types of treatment in external stations specifically dedicated to these chemical procedures.

Type of goods

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