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EIFS is an IATA cargo agent, synonymous with an all-round guarantee.

The EIFS air freight team strives so that the shipping of air cargo is: accurate, precise and fast.

Based on these three key characteristics, our young and brilliant air freight team offers all kinds of services to and from anywhere, for all types of goods.

We handle even the most specific and individual shipping requests.

The AIR freight service is particularly efficient for IMDG goods, as well as cargo that require to travel at constant temperatures or REFRIGERATED.

FOOD & BEVERAGE freight is particularly suited for air shipping, and our staff have the appropriate skills to take care of the complete supply chain.

We can handle EXTRA-SIZE shipments successfully through the appropriate channels at airports and airlines.

We take care of any type of IMPORT and EXPORT customs operation at the arrival and/or departure hubs and any required ancillary services are easily provided.  Our adequately trained staff are particularly attentive in examining the PACKAGING of IMDG goods and, where necessary, intervenes promptly and effectively in providing a suitable alternative.

PACKAGING is particularly relevant in air shipments and our staff are available to promptly assist customers with professionalism and practicality.

STORAGE, PICK-UP and DELIVERY services are provided efficiently and extensively in both outbound and inbound destinations through long-established channels.

Special attention is paid to the WEIGHTING OF GOODS, which we monitor closely even when it is not carried out at our warehouse.

Care-free ALL-RISKS INSURANCE cover is available.

Types of goods


LCL services by air and land for your individual transportation needs. With our Sailing List you can request a personalised quote for the goods you want to ship.


For large-volume shipments or that contain sizable items, EIFS offers the best rates and ensures efficient service through its network of shipping agents in Italian ports.

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